Remember when ....

... five years ago I made a CostCo DCD that classmates could order through me and I'd have them delivered to YOUR local CostCo for YOU to pick up and pay for?

Well .... I'm gonna do that again!

So, I've loaded photos by Aileen Spiegs Wilder, Sue Bolling Diers, and 300 candids taken at the Pacific Club by two young amateur photo hobbyist on my CostCo site and I'm bundling them on a new DVD.   Wade Wong has some he wants to add to the collection so I'm waiting for him to get home to WA and send them to me.

As soon as the DVD is compiled, I'll get emails to each of you and we can begin the process of CostCo orders.  Good news, it's so CHEAP to do it this way!


I'm sorry this has taken so long to get around to doing, Gang ... but it's been a very nice and LENGTHY "procrastication" I've been enjoying!  


Heading 2