Look who's coming!!!

Leilani Akwai

Bill Alexander

Kathy and Geoff Avery

Lauren Howell Avery 

Joe Barboo 

Betty Ann Barnett

Steve and Sue Beaudry

Tracey Bennett

Bob and Koby Kobayashi Berrington

Lani Blissard

John and Sheila Carew Boehlke

Frank Hollister and Susie Gebauer Brown

Penny and Mac Carter

Shirleyanne Hee Chew

Russell and Kathy Chang Ching 

Willard Chow

John Clark 

Mary Ruth and Dick Coleman

Darcy and Butch Cook

Sherry Baker Dahman 

Linda and Terry Deacon 

Peter and Sara Dudgeon

Leslie and Kip Dunbar 

Ed Dupras 

Pal Eldredge 

George Engebretson 

Karen and Rick Fackler 

Matt Fairfax 

Susan Givens Finneran

Judy Folk  

Bonnie and Fred Fong 

Pat and Hoagy Gamble 

Enrigue Gascon 

Steve and Malia Jacobsen Gilbert 

Ray and Judy Howard Giles

Jimmy and Emmy Sexton Greenwell 

Ellen Wheeler Guest

Joe and Diane Mechler Harding 

Mary and "ALVIN!" Ho 

Brian Holmes 

Cathy and Charles Hull

Wendy and Bill Johnson

Mary Jo Widdifield Kamano 

Linda Katsuki  

Antoinette and Craig Killam 

John and Marilyn Kometani Kiner 

John Kontak 

Dar and Merrily Doran Labarthe  

Carol Richmond Langner 

Teddy Mack and Baba Lawson 

Diane and Buzzy Lee 

Linda Lee 

Phyllis Wong Lee

Cris LeGasssey 

Lesly Lemon

Carol Kemmling and Mike Lum 

Deni Dunlop and Mary Lou Buese Lyding

John Madison 

Carolyn Lundquist Madison 

Judy Malcolm 

Bette Matthews 

Sue Bolling McCandless

Jim McCandless

Chris McLachlin

David and Pili Durdan Meyer

Laurel Murphy 

Wayne Nasser 

Jeff Nishi 

John and Laura Schultz Nix

Salome & Sinalei Wagner and Neal Okabayashi

Matt Fairfax 

Tom and Trippi Ahrens Penland 

Steve Petross

Judy and Mike Pietsch 

Richard and Cori Smart Pohle

Jeff Pugh 

Ann and Pat Quilter + Family 

Kathy Wiese Reeber 

Kathy Luter Reimers 

Demi Rewick

Anni Rinehart

Brigid Barton and Rob Robinson

Beth-Ann and Bill Sage 

Scott Schofield and Susan Sexson 

Scott and Gisele Nusspickel Smith

Tom and Ann Newton Stagnaro

Larry Stamps  

Gigi and Jim Stanford

Sue and John Thurston 

Christy Thurston 

Neal and Cheryl Lippman Tomita

Jolynda Tresner 

Suzanne and Adelino Valentin 

Nancy and Jack Vellis

Wendy Warren Wagner

Leslie and Jim Washburn 

Susan Budd Watson 

Dewey Watson

Cathy Werner

Steve and Lee Steele Wilce 

Aileen Spiegelberg Wilder

Louise Wong 

Anni Newkirk Wordell

John and Margo Burlingame Wray

Marci and Frosty Yardley

Marsha and Ronnie Yee 

Miltinnie and Lee Yih

Georgia and Bill Yuen

Deecie and Bob Zimmerman

Try come, yah?

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